Month: August 2018

Traditional dance music from Venezuela and Peru

Venezuelan harp, Cuatro, guitar, vocals, Maracas and Peruvian Castañuelas

Katrin de Briceño and David Sandoval

Harps and guitar music are very popular in Latin America, because string and plucked instruments are ideal companions for celebrating celebrations. Whether the Venezuelan-Colombian Joropo, the Paraguayan Polca or the Latin American waltzes, they invite you to dance and radiate vital zest for life. All over the continent, the related genres spread and promote Latin American identity and cheerfulness.

The duo

Katrin de Briceño has lived for 25 years in Venezuela, where she is dedicated to the University of the Arts of Latin American folk music. David Sandoval is a native of Peru and has lived in Germany for a long time. Here he is firmly integrated into the musical life as a connoisseur of various musical styles and instruments. The harp player and the guitarist quickly found a common musical language and thus successfully impressed the audience in various concerts.

“As always, we will prepare delicious vegan food (organic) fresh – Paella with vegetables and Empanadas. Super rich cuisine from Vicky’s Express. ”

Date: 09/22/2018 at 20:00 am
Admission: 10 Euro or 5 euro donation

Your Galería Lunasol

Bassini & Reñé: music, art and latin food

Dear friends of the Galería Lunasol Neukölln,

This Saturday, the 25th of August at 20:30, an intimate night will take place in our cultural space.

Rachel Bassini, singer and songwriter from New York, who began her musical career in Buenos Aires before moving to Berlin to enter the local music scene.

Pedro Reñe, singer and guitarist from Argentina Rosario, who comes to Berlin at the end of his European tour and has been to various stages with Rachel Bassini for 10 years.

Together they play a mix of their own songs – have made their own stories of life to musical works, influenced by their languages ​​and styles.

The duet Rachel Bassini and Pedro Reñe we welcome this evening …

Lunasol welcomes this night with good Latin flavor and a lot of fun.

As always, there is a bit vegan organic food.

Thanks and greetings to all.