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Galeria Lunasol, an art group that has been operating on an international level for more than two decades. In Berlin, the Galeria Lunasol exhibited in the Kunsthaus Tacheles in cooperation with various cultural institutions such as 48 Stunden Neukölln and the FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN. In Venezuela, the art group made a name for itself by exhibiting in the la Other Banda gallery, the old home of the governors of Mérida and the Tulio Febres cultural center. Projects are currently being carried out with renowned artists.

STUDIO Vicky Prieto

The Lunasol Galería offers you an extraordinary place where you can organize your art exhibitions and cultural workshops. Over time, our artists have enjoyed a place full of energy and family atmosphere, where everyone can always feel at home.


Lunasol organizes and works in collaboration with various artists on each event to strengthen Latin America’s cultural roots. Our greatest pride is providing the right tools that instill creativity and learning to instill trust and respect for what we do. In our categories you will find various examples from the fields of music, poetry, competitions, painting, sculpture, workshops, dances, theater, book presentations, concerts and more aimed at achieving cultural exchange with different movements.

Vicky-Esperanza Prieto

The colors are the balance of the metaphysical soul, from the embryo to the real form of sleep or death. It is the anteroom of the resurrection that gives way to a figure of the universe.

Every energy is a different world, lines and natural forces that connect consciousness and vibrations, circles in motion are the eyes that reflect natural elements, inside and outside of the soul, space and time, plans and memories become reality.

The energy of the sun is the transport to the infinite encounter that we all want to go into.

The Flight to the Phoenix
Painting: Ixchel fuego “2012”

I was in another world
Between the colors of the universe
I wake up in you
It is a window to the soul
Where my imaginary being flies
Music is the muse that awakens
The bird of deep dreams
Now intertwined with her own inner courage
Come back to life….

(Vicky Prieto 2011)

In Crescendo in concert

An event of the Galería Lunasol

In Crescendo
Juan Pablo Bujía – Pablo D’Negri – Ezequiel Marín – Andrés Novío

Special Guest/Dancer:  Ari la Chispa (Flamenco)
Event Location: Event Restaurant Vorwerck Berlin
Camera y Video: Javier Moya

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